Zescs Wikidot Highlighter


  1. Make sure you have the UDL extension for Notepad++ installed.
  2. Click one of the buttons above to download the XML file(s) you want.
    • If the download doesn't start, you can just manually copy the displayed contents into an XML file.
  3. Open Notepadd++ and select LanguageUser Defined LanguageDefine your language ….
  4. Click Import… and choose the XML file you downloaded. You should receive a message about the import being successful.
  5. Exit Notepad++ by closing the window.

You can find the highlighter theme under Language after a restart. You must choose it for every new tab separately.


What's Notepad++ ?
Notepad++ is a free (both as in "free speech" and "free beer") text editor. More on it on the official homepage: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/

What's an UDL?
UDL means "User Defined Language". Similar to Notepad++'s native languages, it can highlight passages (through colour, font, bold, etc.) in text. This is mostly used by programmers to make their code easier to read. This function should be installed by default, but could be missing in certain cases. More on it on the documentation page: https://ivan-radic.github.io/udl-documentation/

What's the difference between "Secure. Contain. Protect.", "Black Moon Howling" and "HCML"?
The colouration. The first UDL uses black-on-white as text colour, which migth strain the eyes in darker environments. Thus, "Black Moon Howling" offers a night mode with white text on a black background. "HCML" is my personal favourite, but people say it causes eye cancer, so i made it an optional third choice.

I don't like something, may i change it??
Sure. You can create new or change existing Languages under LanguageUser Defined LanguageDefine your language ….

In accordance to the Wiki's license, this "code" (if I can license it in the first place) is released under CC BY-SA 3.0. But please do not change this very page without my permission.

The text is highlighted white/black, but the background is of a different colour, what shall i do?
The background colour can be changed under SettingsStyle Configurator… for your current design. The white/black used are default colours, e. g. #FFFFFF and #000000 in RGB.

Why isn't the highlighter supporting HTML or CSS code?
Notepad++ already has powerfull native support for HTML and CSS. There is no point rebuilding them. Longer excerpts of HTML or CSS should be written in a separate file and copied later in [[html]][[/html]] or [[css]][[/css]] blocks. This way, you can properly edit the code.


I have discovered the cause of the majority of issues that come with adding new languages. It lies within the lexer, which has issues parsing tokens including special (non-ASCII) characters. Any languages using characters not included in the Extended ASCII will be prone to errors. Non-latin languages that do not usually use spaces (e.g. Korean, Japanese, etc.) may not be affected, since i don't have to make keywords entire tokens (which i usually have to, because empty spaces play a role in splitting strings).

I'm looking forwards towards a fix, but i am no confident i can do so in a manner that is satisfying to the community as a whole since nobody should be required to have expanded IT knowledge in order to operate my extension. This might have to be fixed on Notepad++'s end.

Overview of Language Support

Implemented Languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Polish

Implemented (Experimental) Languages:

  • Portuguese
  • Korean

Possible Languages:

  • Czech
  • Thai

Impossible Languages:

  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese


02.08.2020 A.D. Removed folding support due to formatting glitches. "Secure. Contain. Protect." wrongly displayed numbers with white font.
28.07.2020 A.D. [[embedaudio]], [[embedvideo]] and [[html]] modules are now foldable in the editor. Notepad++ considers these UDLs now as standard for files with an .scp-extension.
10.03.2020 A.D. Polish added. Even more Esoteric classes. One new, very obscure Task Force added. The Highlighter can now parse the _-escape character in tables correctly. Small enhancements behind the scenes.
21.01.2020 A.D. Korean and Spanish added. New theme "HCML" added. Support for underlined text. Experimental Portuguese module. 50 new esoteric classes added. List of MTFs now over 500 entries
07.01.2020 A.D. French and Italian modules finalized.
05.01.2020 A.D. Operators no longer behave weirdly inside of (de)limiters; Experimental Italian module
01.01.2020 A.D. Links will no longer trigger italic highlighting
13.12.2019 A.D. Smaller bug fixes. Experimental French module
08.12.2019 A.D. Release
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