SCP - 4020
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Objekt-Nr.: SCP-4564

Klassifizierung: Euclid

SCP-4564 is kept within a 4m*4m room covered in carpets. All four sides are made of scratch and bite resistant, one sided plexiglass to insure the subject does not breach containment or gets nervous when observed by staff members. The container includes a variety of cat toys which are replaced weekly in order to provide entertainment for the subject. Otherwise the subject is capable of making extremely loud noises in form typical cat sounds which penetrale through the thickest walls and sound proofing. In case of the subject making these noises, staff is advised to put on protective headgears that not only use a multi layer coat of high desity material but also play a frequency counter acting the subjects sounds. SCP-4564 also requires a regular supply of foods and drinks, which are delivered through an autmated system of pipes.


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