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Introduction: This world is a place of anomaly and unexplainable, but what of this what lays beyond this world? What of the Unseen? Those articles are a collection of subjects regarding this Topic collected and studied by Dr. C. T. Krüger

Opening: Our world is not what it seems, if there is something I have learned while being here, then it is that we are not alone out there. The Fundation is trying to cover it all up, to study it, but seemingly for every SCP they neutralise, two completely different appear. Its all like a viscous game slowly leading towards something else, something bigger. Most scientists of the Fundation barely get to work with a few of the Subjects, but through a coincidence I came into a position to see more than that, more than the shining side of the Fundation yelling, Hey there, we save the world. I saw the dark Side, I saw what was beyond the Fundation, and it scared me. I am writing this down within this article aside all the information I have, it will probably never be published, but maybe there are still some out there doing there job.

It all started when I got the article of something called „The Interloper“ some being that was beyond this world and tried to enter through our minds, I do not know why, but it came to my mind that I had seen this article before, that I knew what this was about. So I started to investigate, I gathered information way beyond clearance level of every scientist and the result was quite impressive. The Fundation was keeping information from them, I do not know why, but seemingly someone did not want this problem to be solved, the creepy part about this is, the one who changed clearance on that data, was me. I had memories about it and an evidence that I had pulled back information? Had I been amnesiated? I began to dig further until I found some old account login in data with a clearance level that was completely unknown to me, even the Logo seemed, different.

I went home that day not able to sleep after what I had found out yet. When I returned, something was different, someone had been in my office though the security data had been removed on a clearance that was even above mine. I knew that my pc wasn‘t secure anymore so I went to the old office section and got myself one of the older models that still haven‘t been removed. I turned it on and entered those Login data to find myself on something looking quite like the standard Fundation Desktop though there were some applications I had not seen before. I could not open anything so I though that the account was probably just an old one that had been deactivated. I turned off the PC and brought it back. That was when I noticed something, a mear shadow in the door, when I turned around it was gone. When I came back and turned my PC back on I noticed that all the Interloper files had been deleted. Someone was trying to keep me off this, but why?

That day, I noticed something else, the Logo that had been on that old PC was the old K Section Logo, though the entire section had been closed down with DE33 after that entire, after what exactly? I decided to check out and left the Site, where had DE33 been? Some sea, I barely remembered and drove there in a 3 hour ride, it began to get dark outside. I came to the old entrance, I saw a login field with a retina scan, I though for a moment before I entered the Login Data I had found, after a little time, the console scanned my eye and the gate opened. I was confused, why where those Login data still valid? Had DE33 been connected to the interloper?
I got into the old main elevator that still worked, it was all on emergency power but that was just logical. I stepped out at the old office floor, those endless tunnels, the old hydrogen lamps, I could remember this place and somehow still felt a little agony. I moved quickly reaching the former directors office, it was all dark and dusty. I logged into the PC with the same data, it worked. What I saw moved me to write this here, it was a collection of Data the Foundation had tried to erase, but I have saved it, for now. If you find this, spread it! As far as you can, everyone needs to know what happened, The Day That The Earth Died

One Event is mentioned over and over again in the data and thats also why it is named after this. The Event is mostly referred to as the day that the earth died or in the original "Der Tag An Dem Die Erde Starb" But what is this event? The DTADDES or in the Fundation Data only to reffered to as event D-77 as it happened in germany on the third of october 2001. On that day an event beyond anything the Fundation had reconned before, occured and shocked the entirety of earth. Occuring to the DTADDES Expert Dr. Frank Hausmann, this day was the first of a row of events that started another realm to slowly merge with ours. Hausman says, that the fact that the Foundation made contact to other dimensions made our world fall into the greedy fangs of an entity he refers to as the Interloper. This being is referred to in nearly every article about the DTADDES and the most we know about it comes from Hausmann himself. The Interloper seems to be an entity with a form that keeps it from entering our realm, the only way he can enter though, are the minds of people which he slowly starts infecting. Hausmann said, that once the interloper infected enough minds, he would eventually be able to enter our realm

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