Forest Spirit
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Objekt-Nr.: 4401

Klassifizierung: Euclid

**Sicherheitsmaßnahmen: SCP-4401 is not to be approached by a single Human but only groups of 4 and more (This is without any exception) and NO Flashlights or other sources of light can be taken inside 4401. Any Living and non-Living Creature is to be Terminated ASAP. **

**Beschreibung: SCP-4401 is a Forest Near ████████ in Germany. At any given moment, the forest is covered with a thick, non-transparent Fog. From time to time (Approximately every 48 Hours) a small Light is visible penetrating the Fog. About 10 Minutes later, a Scream will be audible and the light will disappear. If the light doesn´t disappear, a Team of 4 D-Class Personell only euqipped with small Firearms needs to be dispatched inside the forest. **

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