Test 1.1
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Objekt-Nr.: SCP-XYZ-DE

Klassifizierung: Sicher/Euclid/Keter




st 0.2


Cognitohazard (touching it/seeing it)

"Insanity Coin"
keep in a non-transparent container.
sunglasses or darkened glasses can keep
the observer from being affected by the coin while looking at it.

test 0.1 testsubject 1

the testsubject enters the room. there is a normal cardboard box on the table and some decoration
testsubject 1 seems confused but opens the box. testsubject 1 looks at the coin in the box for a few seconds and takes it out of the box. the testers wear sunglasses and observe the testsubject. the coin, now in the hands of the subject, emmits darkness. the testsubject suddenly acts weird. it tries to hide in a corner and throws the decoration into one direction. it seems to defend itself from something that nobody else can see. the Items that the subject throws hit nothing except the floor or walls. it tries to throw the coin away but it's hand does not open. testsubject 1 suddenly screams and dies a few seconds later.

cause of death: Heart attack.

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