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Item #: SCP-9561

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-9561 has to be contained in a 3m x 3m x3m metal-chamber. When SCP-9561's containment chamber has to be entered, at least one psychologist has to be with the personnel.

Description: SCP-9561 appears to be a regular stone out of quartz and amphibole. Upon entering the containment chamber, subjects report to hear distant screams.

It was reported that some subjects have suffered a trauma trough the screams. It appears that everyone who is in the same room as the SCP is affected by it. If it is reported to be outside of its containment chamber, it has to be re-containted immediately in order to avoid any personnel getting a trauma.It is adviced to wear earplugs while re-containing SCP-9561.

The origin of the screams is yet unkown. The total number of known traumatized subjects is [DATA REDACTED].

Test Documentation:

For this test there was no psychologist with the subject

D-███: I'm in the chamber. What now?

Dr.████: Tell us if you can hear anything.

D-███: Well, yes. I can faintly hear screams.

Dr.████: Good. Can you describe them?

D-███: It sounds like a woman- no a kid- Oh heck it's changing…

Dr.████: Interesting. Could you please tell us approximately how far the screams are away from you?

D-███: I don't know… Maybe 100 meters? But they are terrifying!

End of Documentation,Test was still continued

Subject D-███ is suffering a trauma from the screams he heard a few minutes later.

More research yet to be done.

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