Item #: SCP-2010

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2010 is to be kept in a closed cell, which is 7,2 m by 7,2 big. Attempts to add further safety precautions or required clearances are unnecessary/impossible due to the nature of SCP-2010.

Description: SCP-2010 has the appearance of a robot. His provenance is unknown in detail, but he said, that he comes from another planet. How SCP-2010 came to earth is unknown. The security describes his character as a friendly robot. He revealed some of his abilities to the Foundation, when the foundation asked about it. He can influence the reality in his environment, he can control living matter & he can manipulate energy. He likes to talk to people. SCP-2010 Nutrition is Metal. No one can penetrate his body, so he seems invulnerable.

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